Dining options

diningOur menu of dining options makes deciding where and when to eat a daily dilemma. You can:

  • Let us do the cooking! Join us in our beautiful dining room, where a delicious and nutritionally balanced large noon meal is served seven days a week. We offer a pre-paid meal plan for your convenience.
  • Go “out.” A short stroll down the indoor hallway to Glencoe Regional Health will lead you to our hospital cafeteria, which serves delicious and nutritious meals 365 days per year. Enjoy your meal in the bright, cheerful hospital dining room.
  • Order in. If you’re feeling under the weather for a short spell, you can make arrangements with the apartment manager to have a breakfast, lunch or dinner tray brought to your apartment.
  • Make your own. It’s always an option to cook your meals your way in the comfort and privacy of your own apartment kitchen.