Floor plans and rental rates

Click the link to view a complete floor plan: 

The A Unit — $1,257 per month
612 square foot luxury one-bedroom

The B Unit — $1,175 per month
553 square foot deluxe one-bedroom

The C Unit — $1,050 per month
497 square foot one-bedroom

The D Unit — $1,412 per month
802 square foot two-bedroom

The E Unit — $1,543 per month
846 square foot luxury two-bedroom

The F Unit — $1,050 per month
502 square foot handicap one-bedroom

Please note that balconies, patios and bay windows may vary. Ask the apartment manager for details about the unique features of the units you are considering. Not sure which floor plan is right for you? Click here for our apartment manager’s advice about fitting your furniture into your new apartment.

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