Moving checklist


Here are our recommended steps for moving to Orchard Estates:

  1. Sign your rental agreement.
  2. Choose your move-in date or dates. Orchard Estates is flexible with moving dates. Please make sure not to move any furniture or boxes after 9 p.m. so the commotion doesn’t disturb other tenants.
  3. Schedule the “movers,” whether that’s family and friends, or a moving company.
  4. Call the telephone company about when to disconnect your current landline service and connect service at your new home. Ask about keeping your current phone number.
  5. Return any cable boxes that are installed at your current home. Your apartment will have cable TV service.
  6. Arrange for Internet service for your new apartment, if desired.
  7. If you have home delivery of the Star Tribune or other newspapers and want to continue it, notify the newspaper of your new delivery address and effective date.
  8. Let friends and family members know your new address. Orchard Estates will provide you with a sheet of mailing labels with your new address, as well as a card for requesting that the post office forward your mail.
  9. Make sure all moving boxes are marked with their contents or at least which room they should be placed in.
  10. On the day of your move, set aside one box with items like paperwork related to your move, phone numbers of movers, personal care products and any daily medication so that it’s easy to find. Better yet, add items like toilet paper, light bulbs, stamps and batteries for the remote control. You’ll also want to know where your bedding is before your first overnight stay.

Before you move, it’s also a good idea to review your rental agreement, try to meet some of the Orchard Estates staff and become familiar with our activity schedule so you can plan to attend one or two social activities early on.