Making friends

makingFriendOnce you’ve unpacked and added personal touches to make your apartment “homey,” it’s time to meet the neighbors! Orchard Estates is known for friendly residents, so you’ll likely meet many of them in the hallways early on. If you’re from the Glencoe area, you may already know some of the tenants. Here’s your chance to catch up!

One big advantage of independent living is that you have the privacy of your own home along with neighbors the same age, all under the same roof. So you can have quiet time when you want it and companionship at other times. At Orchard Estates, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for making friends and socializing.

“Moving into Orchard Estates is kind of like moving into a college dorm,” says Nancy Ellefson, Orchard Estates apartment manager. “We offer many ways to meet the other tenants and socialize. It’s good to ‘put yourself out there.’”

That can start by saying hello and introducing yourself when you come across a new face in the hallway or dining room. Strike up a conversation in the parking lot or elevator. Participate in regularly scheduled activities, including birthday parties and holiday celebrations, weekly church services, exercise classes, BINGO and trivia contests. Field trips are also scheduled on occasion. Tenant meetings are held once a month – another chance to meet your neighbors and give input to management about what happens at Orchard Estates.

Getting to know other tenants can also ease the inevitable emotions and feelings of loss that accompany moving from a long-time home with so many memories. Knowing that others experienced the same feelings – and that they eased over time – is comforting.

You can always invite friends and family members to visit you, or go visit them. If you don’t drive, Trailblazer Transit service can take you where you need to go in McLeod, Sibley or Wright counties.